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DutchProject is an independent full serviced project management company that coordinates rebuilding and interior (re-) designing projects in branches like hotels and catering industries, retail and offices. We provide advise, coordinate and manage large and complete projects as well as small-scale activities. Because of our independent position we can involve the most suitable party for each specific activity.

DutchProject is the liaison between the end customer and/or our client and the involved companies and suppliers.

We have the required knowhow like: measuring relevant dimensions of a building, verification or creation of technical drawings, budget and cost calculations, specifications and technical descriptions, authority approval(s), purchasing and monitoring all the elements conform the standards and fixed planning.

We aim for "care-free" management during the entire process and have the essential knowledge and contacts to ensure an efficient planning and on-site coordination of your project. We are capable of dealing with multiple locations if applicable.

DutchProject is the key player between all parties involved in the project and saves clients valuable time. Because of our extreme flexibility and independent position we can also cooperate effortlessly with your preferred suppliers.

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